plant-a-treeI have just added this “Tree Location Bible” into the manual of my “Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui.” video correspondence course   I share the major message here even the explanatory “notes” about how positive or negative is not included here.  The table is still usable as is  (Note: with the notes, you may maximize the benefits and do remedial works).

This is probably the first public systematic and precise English presentation of tree location in Feng Shui– in one table.  The locations are classified in standard 24 mountains Feng Shui notation with corresponding degrees for easy reference.  You can still understand this contents even if you do not have any Feng Shui knowledge.

Can you figure out the rationale behind the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness behind each location? It is easy to answer  IF you are familiar with your Feng Shui ABC— trigrams, Bagua representations and 5-elements theory.

Ken Lai
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