You may have heard this Doris Day’s song– Que Sera Sera:

moneyGripMost of us probably have asked similar questions– “Will I be handsome or pretty?” during our adolescence and “Will I be rich?” as we get older.

Today is your lucky day– based on my 4-pillars readings in the past, I have found the “destiny DNA” or 4-pillars components of a “rich person“.

Forget about the question of “handsome or pretty” as we have seen many instances of rich old or ugly men/ women paired with handsome/ pretty spouses.  But if there are enough interest in whether you will be handsome or pretty, I can write about it later.

Don’t worry if you do not understand the terminology here.  You can simply read the appendix below to check if you have the destiny DNA mentioned in this post.

4-pillars charts with wealth elements likely will bring wealth to their daymasters (not absolute).   Charts with little or no wealth element will likely have more difficulties in attaining wealth.


piggyPeople with  “wealth-storage” element in their day-pillar have the best probability of becoming the very rich.  These are the daymasters “sitting” on “wealth-storage” elements.  People with wealth storage are able to keep (store) their wealth made without spending it away or being “snatched” by their friends.  The following day-pillars combinations can make and keep their wealth:

  1. Wu-chen 戊辰 (earth dragon)
  2. Ren-xu 壬戌 (water dog)
  3. Ding-chou 丁丑 (fire ox)
  4. Xin-wei  辛未 (metal ram) 


People with  “wealth element” in their day-pillar have better chance of becoming rich.  These are the daymasters “sitting” on “wealth element”.  People sitting on wealth element have higher probability of running into wealth-making opportunities.  The following day-pillars combinations are daymasters sitting on wealth elements:

  1. Jia-chen 甲辰 (wood dragon)
  2. Jia-xu 甲戌 (wood dog)
  3. Bing-shen  丙申 (fire monkey)
  4. Ding-you (fire rooster)
  5. Wu-zi 戊子 (earth rat)
  6. Ji-hai 已亥 (earth pig)
  7. Geng-yin  庚寅 (metal tiger)
  8. Xin-mao  (metal rabbit) 
  9. Ren-Wu  (water horse)
  10. Gui-si  癸巳 (water snake)

If your day-pillar is one of the 14 pillars listed above, you stand a better chance of making it rich than people without this pillar.  Of course, you also need to check the combinations of other pillars in your 4-pillars chart to reach a more affirmation conclusion.  For details, you can consult my “4-Pillars Bootcamp” video correspondence course.

APPENDIX: how to find your day-pillar

  1. Log into
  2. Type in your birthday
  3. Click “Calculate” button
  4. Check the “Day” column of the table in the left side
  5. This column shows if your day-pillar is one of the 14 pillars shown here.

Ken Lai

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