QMDJ becomes popular since 2005.  A QMDJ chart has over 50 data points and 6+ dimensions.  It can virtually replace many Chinese metaphysical methods.  The disadvantage is: QMDJ is not easy to master with numerous formula and combinations, not to mention the steep costs associated with learning it.

Like any “popular” method, people tend to use QMDJ as the “Swiss army knife” and try to do everything with it– whether it is an “overkill” or appropriate or not.  You don’t need to learn complicated QMDJ system when a simple and easy to learn Yi-jing or Plum-flower divination is suffice.  One does not need a cannon to kill a fly.

In this post, I will limit the discussion on QMDJ Feng Shui (QMDJ-FS) and QMDJ Divination Feng Shui (QMDJ-DFS).

Both QMDJ-FS and QMDJ-DFS are based on QMDJ charts though their total number reference charts are different.  A table below would highlight their differences in a flash:

Reference charts 432 1080
San Yuan/ 3 cycles Yes, 3 x 60 yrs. No
9 Periods Yes, 20 yrs. each No
Measure house-facing Yes No
Measure door-facing Yes No
On-site measurement Yes No, divination-based
Replicable results Yes Highly unlikely
Chart selection based on: On-site measure 1. hour chart of consultation.  2. client’s birthday/ hour
Explain Feng Shui w/ QMDJ chart w/ QMDJ chart

EZ QMDJ Feng Shui is based on house/door-facing

In summary, a QMDJ-FS practitioner must go on-site to measure the house and door-facing to derive the appropriate house QMDJ chart.  Then he explains the Feng Shui conditions of the house in terms of the data shown in the 9-palaces of the chart.  Other than incorrect measurement, the results are replicable by another QMDJ-FS practitioner using the same method.

On the other hand, a QMDJ-DFS practitioner may use the hour chart when the consultation happens OR the birthday hour chart of the client.  Another QMDJ-DFS practitioner is unlikely to replicate the result if using hour chart other than client’s birth chart.

People are pretty mobile in modern societies, especially young people.  My twenty+ years old son has moved 5+ times in the last 6 years.  Could a QMDJ-DFS practitioner use the client’s birth hour again and again when he moves?  Would an on-site measurement is more appropriate?

Assuming a QMDJ-DFS practitioner gets 6 Feng Shui jobs in 3 months.  What is the probability of him getting all 6 jobs “right” or done correctly?  What is the probability of another QMDJ-DFS practitioner replicating these jobs with identical results?  The probability will be much less than hitting the 6-numbers Powerball or Lotto jackpot with 60 balls because here we have 1080 balls (charts)!

Which QMDJ Feng Shui method will you choose?

Ken Lai

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