“Ken, are you in heaven or …. hell now?  The title looks like an obituary.”

Don’t worry, a psychic had told me that I probably will live another 30 years to pay my dues back to the universe.400postsKen_

The posts in this blog are my articles written between year 2000 to 2016 (now).  Articles written before 2008 were posted on various online Chinese metaphysics forums.   I have created this blog and moved all my old articles here in late 2007.

This is the 400th post!

I have not checked the statistics of this blog until this year and found some interesting phenomena.  For example, I found readers in different countries seem to take turns to “flash” my blog, like in the last few days, Russian readers account for over 80% of the daily readership.  A few days later, it may be Malaysian or Indonesian readers to dominate the readership.

Over 60% of readers are from United States.  The next two dominant groups are from Singapore and Malaysia.  Below are the top 10 countries reading this blog in the last 10 years:

United States










However, there is NO correlation to sales figure to the top 10 countries.  In fact, United State readers account for less than 5% of my sales even they contribute over 60% of the clicks.  Yet Indonesian readers have bought a significant percentage of my courses with much fewer clicks.  Gross national income is a poor predictor of sales for Chinese metaphysics products.

Now I can also predict if a post will “earn” pageviews fast even before posting.   The trick is to put the magic word “SECRET” in the blog title.  It is the same trick I use in live seminars to wake up sleeping students by announcing “lineage secret“.

Below are the top 10 most popular posts in the last 10 years:

I am looking forward to hit the 500 posts mark.  I already have 60+ drafts in the blog archive.  There is no shortage of materials here.  The only difficulty is to chop these ideas into byte-size of less than a few hundred words to suit the impatient online generation.

Thank you for reading my posts!  See you again soon.

Ken Lai

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