Penalty topic is one of the most read in this blog.  Below is how Blindman Bazi School 盲师 perspective on self-penalty.

shootfootThe implicit meanings of self-penalty 自刑 are:

  • feeling of being trapped or alienation
  • getting upset for nothing 庸人自扰
  • self-inflicted pain– either physical, emotional or financial
  • indecision or lacking direction or belief in life
  • individual or familial stagnation
  • sickness, accident or disaster

Classic self-penalty categories:

  • Hai-hai 亥亥:
    hai is water; hurt by water (suicide by drowning) or liquid (alcoholism or drug abuse)
  • You-you 酉酉:
    you is metal; hurt by sharp metallic objects like cutting one’s own veins
  • Wu-wu 午午:
    wu is fire; hurt by fire like suicide with burning coal in an enclosed area
  • Chen-chen 辰辰:
    chen is earth; hurt by earth like suicide by jumping off a building

But Blindman School also feels that Shen-shen 申申, Yin-yin 寅寅 and Si-si 巳巳 could also be self-penalties. 


  1. Self-penalty exists in natal chart:  stands for the chart-owner (daymaster) feels trapped, indecisive, marrying late, physically weak with chronic illness throughout his life.  Serious cases would be the daymaster will not succeed in any endeavor in life.
  2. Self-penalty formed with 10-year-luck period: means the daymaster has more failures than successes during this 10-years period.  He also feels trapped or depressed with conflict with his family.
  3. Self-penalty formed with annual-luck period: stands for stagnation and blockage within the year.  Daymaster is indecisive and depressed.  There may be signs of losing wealth, sickness and accident.
  4. Self-penalty formed with current month:  stands for obstacles and blockages within the month.  There may be signs of losing wealth, sickness and accident.

Is there any remedy for self-penalty?”

There are some remedies available in my “Destiny and Luck Management with Bazi” video correspondence courses.

Ken Lai

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