millionThe movie “A million ways to die in the west” was shown in 2014.  But Chinese metaphysics likes to keep things simple (albeit sometimes) and reduces the million ways to 5 ways.  That is, it groups different ways of death and injuries in terms of 5-elements– wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Below is taken from the reference manual of my upcoming course, “Applied Bazi:  Sickness Forecasting and Management“.  It also shows the likely cause of the death, injury and potential illness in terms of certain excessive element in one’s Bazi chart– all in a few sentences!  This is typical of all my course manuals for rapid transfer of knowledge to the students.


Hurt by wood element  (excess wood in 4P)

— hanging (suicide), beaten by stick, stricken by thunder, crushed by falling tree and injury due to “being sandwiched” in-between two objects

Hurt by fire element  (excess fire in 4P)

— fire disaster, burnt (touching a hot object), burned by fire, eye sickness, heart and blood problems and vomiting blood

injuryHurt by earth element  (excess earth in 4P)

— earthquake, falling rocks, caving-in, mining disaster, collapsing mountain/ building and falling down from mountain

Hurt by metal element  (excess metal in 4P)

— traffic accident, injury by metal objects (knife, sword, etc.) and surgery,

Hurt by water element  (excess water in 4P)

— drowning, boating accident, suicide by drowning, blood diseases and flooding

There are some methods to reduce the likelihood or severity of these hurtful events as shown in my “Destiny and Luck Management with Bazi” courses.

Ken Lai

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