slot1Note:  A few years ago, an engineering professor Smart (not real name) had purchased “Professional Imperial QMDJ” course from me.  Within a few days, he had used the Imperial QMDJ method to try his luck in a local casino.  He had just played slot machines which requires little or no skill. The email correspondence below are the reports of his casino adventure.  All the names and identifying items are changed.  Below is the continuation from previous blog post– email from Professor Smart a few days after the previous ones.

Dear Ken,

Another good news.  this is the situation:

Today morning (Saturday, 10 August 2013, Wu-Shen Day chart #585, at 9.15 am Ding-Si Hour chart #774), I entered casino towards Southeast direction where xxxx is at the SE on day chart.  Before entering, I waited for 45 minutes outside casino at the area of Northwest (opposite Southeast).  I won USD 1800 including two MINI JACKPOTS at USD 3xx-4xx each).  

****note:   I notice that the winning is about the end of the Ding-Si hour.  Is it because the element of hour is YIN?

I also put the the chart of yesterday winning:

Friday 9 August (Ding Wei chart #644) and play at 11:15-13:00 Bing Wu Chart # 763). Waiting at the west area outside casino for one hour.  Then entering casino towards east direction where xxxx is at the east on HOUR CHART). the winning was very fast within 5-10 minutes I got one MAJOR JACKPOT (FaFaFa) usd 2xxx.

****note: The quick winning, is this because of YANG element of the lucky hour?


Sample Imperial QMDJ Smart Chart

This afternoon, I will play again at 5-7 pm same SE direction (has xxxx at hour chart on SE direction).

Many thanks for your effective QMDJ 🙂

I like to play slot machine, but my problem was I did not know how to control myself and keep playing and lost!!! But with this QMDJ method, I know the lucky hour to get the winning and run away from casino.




After 6 months, I got the short message below from Professor Smart: 

Dear Ken,

Today 27 Feb at 12-2 noon time, I bang casino in xxxxxx (city in another country)  🙂

Was waiting at the west from 11:30-12 noon, then walked to casino and attacked casino.  I played slot machine maximum bet 🙂

Won a lotttt 🙂

I used your QMDJ method, I won a lot last year and this year.

Worth of investment to learn QMDJ 🙂




I have not shown my answers to Smart’s questions here.  He also had a loss during one of his trips to casino and we had discussed the possible reasons for the loss.  Also I have not listed an important ingredient in the casino beating formula here.  I have not told Smart but he has figured it out himself.  In fact, he had done numerous tests and integrated “Destiny and Luck with Bazi” methods into his winning formula.  I have summarized that formula in one paragraph in the “Professional Imperial QMDJ” discussion list.  If you are observant and search this blog archive, you may figure out this “missing ingredient” easily.

I do not want to promote Imperial QMDJ or any metaphysics method as a speculative or gambling tool.  There are other factors that control one’s wealth attainment capability which are beyond control.

Besides praying for rain and beating the casino, there are many other practical applications of “Imperial QMDJ“, like passing exams, interviews, sales quota, collecting debts, litigation and the like.  It is one of the most practical courses in my inventory.

Ken Lai

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