jackpotNote:  A few years ago, an engineering professor Smart (not real name) had purchased “Professional Imperial QMDJ” course from me.  Within a few days, he had used the Imperial QMDJ method to try his luck with a local casino.  He had played slot machines which requires no or little skill . The email correspondence below are the reports of his casino adventure.  All the names and identifying items are changed.

Dear Ken,

I applied your QMDJ method.

Today 9 August, I sit outside on the west side of casino for one hour. Then at 11:20 am, I walked towards east direction entering casino.  I chose the east corner machine.  I played slot machine only 30 credits per spin.  One credit is usd 0.05.   Within only five minutes, I got jackpot usd 3000. 🙂

Interesting! It has never been very easy to win slot machine.




Ken‘s Reply:

You have your course paid for already!

In the early 90’s, I had published a CD-ROM teaching people how to play slot machines with conventional gambling strategy and software.  It did not work too well.

Slot machine has the worst odds for winning.  Blackjack is better.

When applying QMDJ in casino gambling, the first 5- 10 minutes is the best time to win.  Walk away when you win something meaningful and don’t be greedy.   Then wait for next hour and recharge your QM energy.

Most casinos has voodoo or black magic preventing gamblers winning, esp. those in Asia (and also the native American run casinos in USA).  It seems the “fresh” QM energy at the beginning can crack these black magic temporarily.

Thank you for telling me your winnings.


NOTE:  More to come in Part II

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