missing1The followings are the characteristics of natal chart with missing one or more of the 10 transformation stars (“10 Gods“). The info is pretty accurate and hard to find.  Today is your lucky day!

Missing Resource Star 印星 (Zheng-yin/ Pian-yin)

  1. daymaster (DM) chronic sickness during childhood and reluctant to take medicine
  2. lacks karma with mother and older generation (except special profile DM)
  3. has poor memory and absent-minded
  4. likely getting job that DM has not studied for in school
  5. lacking social support; likely not working for government or corporation (except special profile DM)

Missing Peer Star 比劫 (Bi-jian/ Jie-cai) 

  1. DM is likely a loner with no support and few friends,
  2. is self-dependent, individualistic with strong character
  3. DM is likely depending on skill, craft and service-type work for survival
  4. DM has no or few siblings
  5. is introvert, inactive, prefer quietness, not sociable, reclusive
  6. prefers doing things alone and not cooperation or partnership
  7. unwilling to seek help or making contacts with others
  8. is not suitable to do sales, management or people-oriented business
  9. does not value friendship or family relationship
  10. rarely speaks; self-centered, shows no concern for others

Missing Output Star 食伤 (Shi-shen/ Shang-guan) 

  1. started talking late and slow reaction during childhood or with speech problem that will improving when entering output luck period.
  2. is persistent in executing tasks; rarely changing behavior and thought patterns except when entering output luck period (will have career, thought, residential or investment changes) 
  3. is good at keeping secrets, inarticulate, won’t babbling nonsense
  4. is careful in speech with reserve and unwilling to gossip
  5. dislikes sports, singing or dancing (or simply not good at these activities)

Missing Power Star 官星 (Zheng-guan/ Qi-sha) 

  1. dislikes rules and restrictions, lawless, egoistic
  2. easily becoming a gangster, robber and the like
  3. if working in the military or police, DM is brave and fearless
  4. unlikely to become government official
  5. like self-employ type occupation and not public office (if special profile, need resource star to have public office)
  6. male DM has little or no karma/ relationship with children– either children die prematurely or are far away from DM
  7. female DM has little or no karma/ relationship with husband

Missing Wealth Star 财星 (Zheng-cai/ Pian-cai) 

  1. money-comes-money-goes” throughout life
  2. (6 more entries, please check contents in the “Destiny & Luck Management with Bazi” or “4P-Bootcamp” discussion list)

Ken Lai

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