Note:  In 2010,  using the 5-elements theory of Chinese metaphysics, I had found a strong correlation on the influences of jersey color on World Cup wins, especially if two teams are of similar caliber.  It seems the result of 2016 NBA Championship proves the point.

Chinese 5-elements theory states that the world is made up by the interactions between 5 type of energies;  metal, water, wood, fire and earth.  The relationship between these 5 types of elements are as follow:

  • Metal is represented by white color. It is controlled by fire (red), drained by water (blue or black) and nurtured by earth (yellow or brown).
  • Wood is represented by green color.  It is controlled by metal (white), drain by fire (red) and nurtured by water (blue or black).
  • Water is represented by blue or black color. It is controlled by earth (yellow or brown), drain by wood (green) and nurtured by metal (white).
  • Earth is represented by yellow or brown color. It is controlled by wood (green), drain by metal (white) and nurtured by fire (red). 

The final match of the 2016 NBA Championship game was a close match with Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors.  It is a rare game 7 in the NBA Championship history.  The score differential between the two teams are very small throughout the game.  This shows both teams are pretty close to each other in terms of competency.

Cleveland Cavaliers wore black jersey whereas the Golden State Warriors wore white.  Black or deep-blue is water in energy-nature and blue is metal in Chinese 5-elements theory.

According to the theory, metal produces water (becomes liquid) or is drained by water when it produces water.  If everything is about equal between these two teams, the Warriors lost the edge in the “jersey competition”.

The Warriors had lost the game in the final minute.

The Warrior should have picked yellow, brown or green jersey if they want to beat the Cavalier’s black jersey.

Maybe the Warriors should consult me before picking the color of their jersey when they play their next championship game.

Ken Lai

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