This time we discuss application of the “void” concept in Bazi.  It’s void theory is based on the pairing of stems and branches and not borders between two mountains or palaces as in Feng Shui.

void210 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches are the “ABC” of Chinese metaphysics.  So almost every subject like Bazi, QMDJ, date-selection, divination and etc.,  have something on “void branch” due to the imbalance of this “10 stems” vs. “12 branches“.  Two of the branches will be left out with no stems to pair with them.  These two branches are called “void branches“.

There are 60 binomials (pairing of a stem and a branch of the same polarity or gender) categorized into 6 groups or “Xun“.  Each xun has 10 binomials.  Members of each of these 6 groups have the same two void branches.  For example, members of the Jia-zi group ( Jia-zi, Yi-chou, Bing-yin, Ding-mao, Wu-chen, Ji-si, Geng-wu, Xin-wei, Ren-shen, Gui-you) have the same Xu and Hai as their void branches.

Void” means nothing or disappeared.  The effects of a branch sitting on void is usually minimal or discounted by over 50%.

Void branches are classified in terms of:

  • year, month, day and hour branches
  • 10 transformation stars
  • 5-elements
  • “breaking bridge”
  • “horseback”
  • “mutual exchange”
  •  and more

Here we just cover the 10 transformation stars or “10 Gods” on void.  For further info and remedies, please consult my “Destiny and Luck Management with Bazi” courses.  The following table is an excerpt from this “Destiny and Luck Management” course manual. 


Another way of looking at void branch is to check the branch in terms of the transformation star it represents.  For example, if the star is zheng-yin (resources) sits on void branch, it stands for lack of help or relationship with mother or older females or lack of or reduced academic progress for that period represented by the pillar.


Ken Lai

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