Note:  The following is taken from the chapter “System of void lines” in the  “Feng Shui Toolbox: Sha-qi, Health/ Wealth and Career”course manual. 

“Void line” means “out of gua” (trigram) or outside a sector.  A house sitting on void line means it has no direction and also no 5-elements “qi” coming in.  Human beings are products of yin and yang. They need 5-elements qi to survive and prosper.  So if a house is located on a void line, it implies the occupants will have little or no luck, suffer sickness, suicide, murder, mental illness, chronic sickness, robbery, bankruptcy, incest, dwindling wealth and poor familial relationship.  It is like a house sitting on top of Mt. Himalaya with insufficient oxygen for the occupants.

We definitely should NOT put a door or house-facing on a void line.

Sometimes a house becomes sitting on a void line over a period.  It could be attributed to:

  1. change of earth luck—“earth qi” or “dragon qi” runs away or expires
  2. change in external environment, like suddenly a big building or sign is built in front of your property, blocking the flow of qi into your house.
  3. change of indoor environment, like improper partitions and furniture arrangement
  4. accumulated bad karma of occupants
  5. occurrence of tragic event/s

However, temples are normally built on a void line because spirits and ghosts do not need 5-elements qi to prosper.   Spirits are “pure yang” and ghosts are “pure yin” entities.  Both do not need 5-elements qi to survive.  Specifically, temples are built on metal void line for fame and still letting their monks/ nuns survive without wealth.


Big and small void line locations.  Click to enlarge

There are different systems of void lines that can co-exist within the same house.  So a responsible Feng Shui practitioner should be familiar with the locations of these void lines.  It is not uncommon for some practitioners who have tried to remedy client’s void line problem by relocating the house to another void line!

It is recommended to stay away from plus or minus one degree from a void line, to compensate for the inaccuracy of most luopan measurements. The followings are different systems of void line: (Note:  there are 5+ types and only 2 are covered here) 


These are the borderlines between the 8 trigrams.  This is also called “big void lines“.  This is the worst type of void line and has no cure but moving away.

Borderline between Degree
Qian and kan 337.5
Kan and gen 22.5
Gen and zhen 67.5
Zhen and xun 112.5
Xun and li 157.5
Li and kun 202.5
Kun and dui 247.5
Dui and qian 292.5


These are the borderlines between 24 mountains and also known as “Indistinguishable yin-yang”. This is also called “small void lines”  that may be curable.  Consult your Feng Shui master or take the “Feng Shui Toolbox” course for remedies. 


Row houses in Britain


If you are a psychic or energy-sensitive, you may be able to “feel” or “sense” void energy.   House sits on “big void line” is easily detected by a psychic (and luopan too).  The feeling is similar to the inside of a haunted house– you feel like suffocating inside and time seems to remain static.

I was walking with a psychic student at night in an UK street with row houses 10 years ago.  Most of the houses have similar facing direction.  We had played a “feeling qi” (energy) game while walking without looking at the houses.  We would stop at the house that has different “qi” than other houses in the same street.  Eventually we had stopped in front of a house and used a luopan to measure the facing direction.  This house was is in one of the “24 mountains void lines” or small void line!  Then we looked at the house– it had a “for sale” sign.  The house was empty.

Maybe some day I can leak the secrets of feeling “qi” without being a psychic to you.

Ken Lai

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