stocktraderThe followings are some main points for people who do stock trading or speculation.  No detail explanations are included for brevity.

  1. Your computer desk should be placed in the “wealth position” of your house/ office or at least your personal “wealth position” (check my previous posts on how to locate your wealth position).
  2. The front space of your desk is called “ming-tang” which represents wealth potential in Feng Shui.  The bigger the better.  Hence, your computer desk should not face a wall or a narrow space.
  3. Your desk should not be under a beam.  It is bad for both wealth and health.
  4. The back of your chair should not be a window or empty space.  It should be a wall acting as back support for you.
  5. Your chair or front of desk should not be “clashed” (facing) by a door or sharp object like a wall edge.
  6. Your desk should not face a bathroom door.
  7. Your waste basket should not be put in the green dragon or left side of the desk.  Green dragon symbolize helpful mentors and dislikes dirt.
  8. You should put some wealth symbols (in terms of your own culture) on your desk.  You may put natural crystal to energize wealth energy too.
  9. The desk location should be bright and not dim.
  10. Donate some money to charity whenever you hit it big to replenish your blessing in heaven.

Actually the above pointers are also good for any office desk placement.

Ken Lai

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