4_animalsModelGreen dragon” and “white tiger” are two of the four major Feng Shui animals in classic Form Feng Shui.  The other two are black tortoise (back) and red phoenix (front).  Green dragon stands for the left side or protection of a house and white tiger the right side.

In terms of people, green dragon stands for men and helpful mentors whereas white tiger for women and “mean people“.

Today is your lucky day.  Here are some secret meanings of green dragon and white tiger.  You can figure it out right the way if you remember the “No Bush” or “No more Bush” anti-Bush presidential campaigns in the early 2000’s.

In traditional China, women with no pubic hair are called “white tigers“.  Traditional belief thinks white tiger women bring bad luck or jinxing their husbands.  Just a few weeks ago in Taiwan, a white tiger woman was berated by her husband for his bad fortune over the years.  This woman gets a hair transplant done in her private part area.

White tiger women’s ideal marriage partners, according to traditional belief, are the “green dragon” men– guys with no public hair.  Two jinxes neutralize each other and happy coexistence thereafter.

How about those ‘DIY white tiger women”Will they jinx their husbands?

No jinx at all.  This is just one of the Chinese superstitions or folklore.  You probably jinx yourself more not washing your hands after going to the bathroom than being a white tiger or green dragon person.

Ken Lai

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