money_potAfter you have located the wealth positions of your house using the info from my previous blog article,  you may want to know what to do with it.  Below is a list of dos and don’ts of wealth position.

Wealth position SHOULD:

  1. be bright and not dark—  this position should “see” sunshine or illuminated by a light.
  2. have vitality or sheng-qi“– you can put soil-based plants with large leaves like rubber plant, dracaena cane and epipremnum.FS_plants
  3. have residents sitting or have the dinner table put there, so residents can “absorb” the wealth energy.
  4. have residents sleeping there— to absorb “wealth energy”
  5. look and feelauspicious“– put some wealth symbols like treasure bowl, wealth god statue or your own cultural symbols of wealth there.
  6. have a wall or support behind it

Wealth position SHOULD NOT:

  1. be dim or dark — darkness reflects lacking vitality and will affect wealth luck.
  2. be cluttered and dirty— blocking and hurting wealth energy
  3. have spiky and thorny plants like cactus
  4. be empty or lacking support— window in a wealth position will leak wealth energy.  Wealth energy cannot accumulate without a wall there
  5. have water there– wealth is metal in nature and water will “drain” metal in Chinese 5-elements theory 见财化水
  6. have no pressure or heavy objects like cupboards, storage chest, bookcase and etc.
  7. no over-beam on wealth position
  8. no clash or “chong” by sharp corners or wall edges


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