I know you are disappointed.  Yes, it is the dogs, not the nerds.

This incident had happened in December, 2015 at the Shijiazhuang City

石家庄 of China’s Hebei Province.  A man had kicked a homeless dog out of his parking space located in front of his apartment.  He thought the dog would leave his parking space quietly……

But,  this doggie is no ordinary tramp.  He had rallied his dog pals back to the parking space when the man was not home.  They had a chewing party or did the “revenge of the homeless dogs” show.


“I’ve marked this my territory.  You red monster go away!”


“Yummy and chewy.  Is this your ear?”


“It is nice to share.  Here communism still rules the land.”

A Chinese netizen commented, “Dogs have self-respect too.”

Another wrote:  “Homeless dogs also have sensitive feeling.  Please do not hurt them.  Dogs are human’s best friends. ”  “其实流浪狗也有细腻的情感,请不要再伤害他们。他们本是人类最好的朋友…。”

Dogs behave like human beings too.  They remember what you did to them and react accordingly.


Ken Lai

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