sidingA few weeks ago, I was waken up by loud machinery noises of cutting and hammering from outside my home.  I went out and found that my dragon side (left) neighbor has contracted a construction firm to replace the vinyl siding and roof of his house.  Both were damaged by a hail storm earlier and insurance pays for the repair.  Essentially this neighbor has a “skin replacement” for his house.

Besides waking me up early for a week or more (I am a night owl), the biggest problem I see was a big part of his house is in the north-east side of my house.  5-yellow disaster star is in the NE this year.  Excessive noises and movement may instigate the wrath of this star, causing injury, accident, losing wealth and even death.

5-yellow star is earth in nature, the fix usually is metal or coin-salt solution.


5-yellow star in NE

I have searched my house for possible remedies and found a gold-colored calabash and some Chinese Qian-long coins.  Qian-long was one of the emperors during China’s Qing Dynasty. This combination should do the job.

Normally I put six coins in a circle shape to neutralize 5-yellow star.  I was too lazy to take 6 coins out of my string inventory of coins.  So I have used all the coins (around 60) in the string and put it on top of the calabash.  I put this remedy combination in the NE region facing the construction site.   You may use your own local copper or brass coins instead.  Just make sure the denomination of the coin is not 25 cents, 5 cents, two dollars or 5 dollars each.

This roofing and siding job has taken about 10 days.  I am still in one piece and no major mishaps happened.  However, my sales suffered during the period.  But this is still better than losing an arm or leg.  You win some and lose some.

Ken Lai

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