pray_rainIn early May of this year, a student of the Imperial QMDJ discussion list had emailed me:

Dear Sifu Ken,

Here in XXXXX we are in dire straits. It has not rain for over two months. Last week in one early morning it did rain but it was short and brief. Our Catholic Church has even issued a prayer for rain.

This student had discussed using “Dragon-Dun” and “Cloud-Dun” QMDJ profiles to pray for rain. Dragon-Dun and Cloud-Dun are part of the famous “9-Dun” in QMDJ. “Dun” means escape or retreat in Chinese. 9-Dun are among the most auspicious Qi-Men profiles.  It consists of  a group of  “9-apps” (in internet language)– heaven-dun, earth-dun, human-dun, cloud-dun, wind-dun, dragon-dun, spirit-dun and ghost-dun.

Dragon-Dun Characteristics (taken from Imperial QMDJ main manual)

  • Utilizing water for battles, crossing bridges and flooding enemies
  • Worshiping dragon gods, praying for rain and starting voyages
  • Constructing/repairing bridges/ dams, digging wells, fishing and water-management

Sample QMDJ chart with dragon-dun in the North

Cloud-Dun Characteristics:

  • Good for hiding, retreating and ambushing; benefits host but not guest
  •  Good for both defense and attack; can do guerrilla type attacks
  • Suitable for boosting morale and army equipment, battle-planning, building castle and making weapons
  •  Good for learning Dao or spiritual pursuit, praying for rain or making artificial rain

Sample QMDJ chart with cloud-dun in the South

This student had followed the Imperial QMDJ procedures (not disclose here) and prayed during a dragon-dun hour and did the same in a cloud-dun hour on May 15, 2016.  He emailed me on May 16 with the following:

rain_hands“Of the (selected) date and time and direction, (we) first go to the dragon-dun at north (and) then cloud-dun in the west.  And guess what ? Today we prayed in the morning.  Around noon there were trickles and I thought this was it.  But the sun came out this evening.  Around 8:30 pm there was a downpour three consecutive times😇😇😇.   Your apprentice (had) witnessed the rain (and wondered) whether (this was) coincidence or not 😊☺️😉”

Given the drought situation in southeast Asia, this student probably can setup shop for “rain-making” service.

9-Dun” are some of the most likely to work and powerful techniques in QMDJ.

Ken Lai

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