Ever since I have offered 15% off for orders from Russia, I suddenly get people claiming to be overseas Russians.  Now I make it easy for everyone in the solar system, including the Martians, to get 15% off from my video correspondence courses.  Below is a list of available courses.


You may check detailed descriptions of the courses listed below at http://www.kenlaifengshui.com

Destiny and Luck Management 1: Forecasting and Decision Support System with 32 hr. HD video…US$1299.  This is probably the most practical Chinese Metaphysics course that you can apply in your daily life.  You may check detailed  It provides guidance and decision- making advice for you, especially when you are at a critical or helpless situation. It helps people make decisions and problem-solving under any conditions– whether it is well-structured, fuzzy or ambiguous and with or without input from the sources. This course is “idiot-proof” — you can use this course within 5 minutes if you can read and flip a book.

Visual Form Feng Shui  with 12 hours HD video… US$699     This course will help anyone to avoid buying the “wrong house” by reading pictures and photos!  A  MUST for real estate agents if they want to cash in the influx of Chinese buyers from People’s Republic of China if they can locate or fix up houses with  popular Chinese Feng Shui requirements.   Course comes with a Feng Shui checklist with over 200 entries for house inspection and purchase. Feng Shui remedies/ fixes are also included.  This course is a subset of the “Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” with “business Form FS” section and some complicated calculations removed for the average users at more affordable price.   Little or no Feng Shui background required.  

Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui  with 23 hours HD video… US$999.    “A picture is better than a thousand words“.  The 250 pages course manual has: over 500 illustrations and 600+ photos and video clips in video lecture; 100+ case studies; advanced techniques for predicting Feng Shui events without entering the house; rarely disclosed Form Feng Shui remedies; 400+ entries Form Feng Shui checklist for house-inspection and purchase; focus is on modern environment and not ancient tomb Feng Shui; a must-have reference for Feng Shui practitioners, architects, interior designers, home builders/ buyers and sellers.  Little or no Feng Shui background required.

The 4th Generation Imperial QMDJ: updated with 4G engine and Visual Smart QMDJ charts and self-contained Field Operation Manual-– adding numerous improvements and extraordinary techniques and contents.  It is 300% bigger than our first generation of QMDJ from 2005.  Similar contents are sold for over US$10,000 by some masters.

Practical Imperial Qi-Men-Dun-Jia 4G w/12 hours video  ..US$999  

Advanced Practical Imperial QMDJ 4G w/16 hours video….US$1499    

Professional Imperial QMDJ 4G w/ 21 hours video…………..US$1999     


  1. EZ Qi-Men-Dun-Jia:  Date and Task Selection v. 2.0 w/ 80 min. HD video
  2. EZ Qi-Men-Dun-Jia:  Astrology  v. 2.0 with 73 minutes HD video
  3. EZ Qi-Men-Dun-Jia:  Feng Shui and Annual Luck  v. 2.0 with 2 hr. HD video 


    EZ QI-MEN-DUN-JIA ADVANCED FENG SHUI  (w/ basics) w/ 4 hours HD video….US$699 


    “Daoist Talismans for Feng Shui and Blessing” Version 2.0 w/ 24 hours video…US$1698


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Ken Lai