According to news, an old woman in Jiangxi Province (China) suddenly fell down while cycling at 4 am on May 15, 2016.  Ambulance and police had come and concluded the woman deceased and left without taking the body away nor arranging any mortuary service to handle the corpse.

The body was left on the road around 4 am.

This old woman made a living by scavenging or recycling garbage in the city.  She had adopted 8 homeless dogs.  Her dogs surrounded and guarded her body after the ambulance and police had left.

Her body was still laid in open even at 10 am of the same day.  Her dogs still stayed around her.  People were deeply touched by the scene.

 Pictures of this incident was posted on the web. A netizen wrote,

All this old woman has are 8 homeless dogs accompanied her when she left this earth.  I wish there is no pain in heaven– have a smooth final journey.


Others commented:

“Dogs are more humane than people” 狗比人有情

“Dogs sometimes behave like human.  But humans always behave like animals!”


While most Chinese netizens are angered by the indignity and sad ending of this old woman.  A reader gives a different opinion:

Granny probably preferred the company of her dogs to the apathetic and materialistic human realm.  婆婆寧願與狗多伴一會也未必願意去到冰冷又見利忘義的人類範圍。

Her spirit is surrounded and protected by loyal dogs is a blessing too.  能夠有忠犬護靈也是一種福氣婪其財物之嘴臉

Many people have seen their children’s greedy faces for inheritance even before their last breath.  Isn’t this more unfortunate than the granny?”  不少人未斷氣便已經見到仔女貪婪其財物之嘴臉,不是比婆婆更可悲嗎?

Dogs are more reliable than human.  Whether you are poor, rich, sick, homeless or disrepute, they will not walk away.  They will always stay with you till the end.

Dogs can see spirits and ghosts.  I think the old woman’s spirit is still at the scene of incident and her dogs can see her.  So they stayed there.

RIP Granny

Ken Lai