How to locate the “wealth positions” of a house is an attention drawer for both live seminar and Feng Shui audit.

In Feng Shui, “wealth position” refers to the prosperous location that “stores wind and accumulates qi” (藏风聚气 ) to produce wealth.  Different Feng Shui schools have their own interpretations of the locations of “wealth positions”.


Form Feng Shui:  The corner/s diagonal to the main door is/are the wealth positions. However, if there is a window in that corner, this wealth position is “leaking” wealth.

Bazhai or 8-Mansions Feng Shui:  The “sheng-qi 生气” or “vitality” sector is the wealth position of the house.   See the table below:cap_2016.05.10_007_wp2016_

Xuan-Kong Feng Shui:  The location of current “timely star” (for current Period 8 is the “8-white earth” star) is the wealth position.  For the wealth location of current year, run the annual star in the center palace of the annual chart.  The location where the “8-star” lands is the wealth location.  For example, the annual star for year 2016 is “2-black earth” and 8-star lands on SW.  So SW is the annual wealth position  (see the 2016 annual chart =>)

FYI:  Annual Wealth Positions:

  • 2017 East
  • 2018 SE
  • 2019 Center
  • 2020 NW
  • 2021 West
  • 2022 NE
  • 2023 South
  • 2024 North
  •  2025 SW  (and repeat the cycle; 2026 will be East again)



San-Yuan-9-Periods Feng Shui:  This school considers the current period star and the next two future period stars locations are the wealth positions, with the current one being the most powerful.  For current Period 8, the wealth positions are:  NE (most powerful), South and North (lest powerful).

Now you know how to locate your wealth positions.  Next you want to know what to do with it. Come back next time for the “Dos and Don’ts of Wealth Positions.”

Ken Lai

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