It is over 10 years since I first taught the San Yuan version of QMDJ in English.  At that time, there were not many versions of QMDJ available, even in Chinese.

Today the QMDJ scene is totally different.  There are numerous versions of QMDJ available, especially in mainland China.  Most are “private label” QMDJ using the teacher’s name as title, like “John Doe QMDJ“.  Some exploit the names of some well-known religions as labels.  Most claim “secret lineage“, “family heirloom” or “recent rediscovery of ancient manuscripts“.

QMDJ1Below are some examples:

  • Minute-pan QM 分家奇门 (10 minute per ju)
  • Psychic QMDJ 通灵奇门遁甲术
  • Flying Jia QMDJ 飞甲奇门
  • Wealth QMDJ 财富奇门
  • Bazi QMDJ 八字奇门
  • Hell Bagua QMDJ 地狱八卦奇门
  • Zhū gě QMDJ 诸葛奇门
  • Maiden QMDJ 玉女奇门
  • Ye‘s Star and Gate QMDJ 叶氏星门转盘奇门
  • Flying Palace Mini-QMDJ 飞宫小奇门
  • Big Dipper 7-stars QMDJ 北斗七星奇门遁甲
  • Yin-pan Daoist QMDJ 阴盘道家奇门
  • Buddhist QMDJ 佛家奇门
  • Huáng Shí Gōng QMDJ  黄石公奇门
  • Numerous private labeled “name QMDJ

Most of these “QMDJ” are copycats of San Yuan QMDJ with minor modifications.  They either change the methods or procedures of deriving the QMDJ chart.  For example,  the “Daoist QMDJ” uses Liu-ren or Plum-flower method to randomize the QMDJ chart selection.  Others simple make minor additions or subtractions of some insignificant QMDJ features to make themselves “unique“.  Most if not all keep the QMDJ engine or contents and interpretation methods intact.  After all, it is too much work to recreate the whole QMDJ engine.

Mainland Chinese QMDJ focuses more on divination and external indicators while Taiwanese QMDJ focuses on date and task selections.

Unfortunately, some of these “mutant” QMDJ have been translated into English and invaded English-speaking countries.

So which one is the real or authentic QMDJ?  It is easy to decide if you have patience.  Wait a few years and you will find most of these “A-goods” QMDJ (“A-货”, Chinese term for counterfeit or fake goods)  will disappear from the cyberspace.  Simply don’t be tempted by all the claims made by these QMDJ marketers.  You may have better luck learning from teachers who have been teaching QMDJ for over 10+ years.  Opportunists who aim for some quick bucks are unlikely to last this long..

Ken Lai

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