Most women do not want their husbands have mistresses or a “third party” (called “Little Third” (小三) in China).

Peach blossom” is the term used in Bazi astrology and Feng Shui to describe both positive and negative romance due to one’s astrological chart or Feng Shui conditions.

People whose birth charts have more than 2 peach-blossom elements or are currently running into peach-blossom luck period are prone to romance (if single) and affairs (if married).  I will address the birth chart part in later blogs.

This article will address Feng Shui factors contributing to mistress “invading” into your territory or you become a mistress yourself.


House facing a “V-shaped” road 

“V” looks like a woman spreading her legs.  Females of this house are prone to negative peach blossom.

House or office with big empty flower vase

This may bring more romance to female residents– especially attracting married men.

Seeing bathroom when opening the main door from outside

This may bring negative peach blossom, especially if the residents work in people-oriented careers.

West side of house seeing water

This includes bathroom or kitchen in west side of house– female residents are prone to attracting married men.  West or “you (rooster) mountain/ direction” is one of the four peach-blossom regions.  If dirty water flowing out from this direction, female resident is prone to become a mistress.

Above factors are mostly basic form Feng Shui materials.  You can check out my “Visual Form Feng Shui” video course for more details.

When I am in a good mood, I will write about “no mistress/ third party” Feng Shui fixes in the future.

Ken Lai

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