My articles on Bazi penalties are the most read articles.  Here is more info on self-penalties.

Self-penalties are generated from the intersections of san-he (3-unities) and san-hui (3-meetings) combinations.

1.  Hai-hai self-penalty

  • derived from: haimao-wei and hai-zi-chou
  • water is too strong.
  • hurt by water, drowning, suicide by jumping into water

2.  Chen-chen self-penalty 

  • derived from: shen-zi-chen and yin-mao-chen
  • earth is too strong.
  • hurt by earth, buried by earth, suicide by jumping from tall building

3.  Wu-wu self-penalty

  • derived from: si-wu-wei and yin-wu-xu
  • fire is too strong.
  • hurt by fire, electrocuted,  suicide by burning coal indoor. 

4.  You-you self-penalty

  • derived from: si-you-chou and shen-you-xu
  • metal is too strong.
  • hurt by metal, suicide by self-stabbing, cutting veins.

People with self-penalty are sentimental, prone to depression, and “shoot themselves in the feet” type.

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