I had written “A pain in the rear Feng Shui” in 2011 — the “nail households” and “nail tombs” whose owners and residents had refused relocation of their properties in face of new development.


Recently, there is a report of the “Coolest ‘nail tombs’ in Beijing” in the internet.  There are two tombs in the middle of a new main road in the Shun-yi district 顺义区 of Beijing. These tombs occupy 30 square meters or two-third of the width of this road.

One tomb is quite old with the burial of a Red Army martyr.  The other tomb is pretty recent.  The tomb owners refuse to relocate these tombs because of low compensation.

The road is an east-west direction road forming a “road-clash” or “chong” to the tombs.  In terms of Feng Shui, this is worse than being surrounded by tall buildings.

With a “nail household” or “nail tomb” being surrounded by tall buildings, residents or descendants will suffer dwindling luck and fortune gradually.  But with road-clash to the house or tomb, they may suffer serious accidents or sicknesses resulting in deaths.  It will happen within 3 to 6 years.

It is unwise for the nail tomb owners to hold out the relocation.  Disasters may happen before they get their money.

Below are other examples of “nail tomb” and “nail house” sitting in the middle of a main road:

Few could imagine these “nail tombs” and “nail houses” phenomena could happen in Communist China with its all-encompassing government and local bureaucrats. Here in USA, even a small city government can “rezone” a private property as public area and buyout any nail house/ tomb with the power of “eminent domain“.  The owners may sue the government in court but expensive legal fees are likely to scare them away.

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