Note:  The message below was written in August 2015 for my “Professional Imperial QMDJ” discussion group. I wrote this article after being bombarded with questions about this so-called “QMDJ-XKDG” by my curious students for years.  I have updated it with some new notes here.

Some marketers have marketed a “Qi-Men-Dun-Jia Xuan-Kong-Da-Gua”  (奇门遁甲玄空大卦 QMDJ-XKDG) course a few years ago. You (my students) have asked many questions about this course.


Ancient QMDJ books

In Chinese metaphysics, there is a fetish of “na-jia” or trying to fit everything into the bagua.  Xuan-Kong-Da-Gua or XKDG itself is an example– artificially fitting 64 hexagrams into the bagua or 8-trigrams by repeating 4 jia-zi (binomials).  XKDG is still not accepted by some Feng Shui schools.

There is also a tendency in Chinese metaphysics circle to stuff 64 hexagrams into existing systems and repackage it as “XXXX-XKDG”.   These marketers often claim that this is no new stuff but a recent “rediscovery” of long-lost ancient manuscript or technique.

During mid-Qing dynasty (around 1700-1800), the government had relaxed the restrictions on the spreading of QMDJ to help countering the increasingly aggressive western power and internal rebellions.  Scholars and amateurs at that time had gone nuts and written many “armchair” books on QMDJ.  “Armchair” means out of imagination or simply using formula mechanically to generate more QMDJ theories.  Some may work and most do not or simply have no empirical testing to backup the “new” theories.

As far as I know, there is no such thing as “QMDJ-XKDG“.  Modern marketers have coined the term “QMDJ-XKDG” because this later day version of QMDJ has somehow “squeezed” 64 hexagrams into the system.  The original author(s) had called this version of QMDJ as “Golden Mirror of Nation-building and Capital setting for 10 Thousands Years Reign” (Aren’t we lucky that Hitler had not gotten a copy?).  I have read the book about this “nation/ capital building” QMDJ. (For around NT$ 300 or US$ 10, you can get the Chinese book on this topic in Taiwan).


Ancient compass with 8 sectors

QMDJ was developed around 200 AD using only 9 palaces or sectors (the rudimentary compass at that time could not do measurement down to individual degree). XKDG requires accuracy down to 360/384 or 0.938 degree (even compass during the1800’s could not be this accurate).  Mixing QMDJ with XKDG together is as funny as putting dinosaurs with humans together like the “One Million Years BC” movie.  QMDJ and XKDG were over 1500 years apart.


Sample “capital-building chart”

The original author of this version of QMDJ had claimed it is for “capital building” and provincial/ city level “huge projects“.  It is not designed for individual house, building or even housing estates though one may use it as “reference“.   If we assume it works as claimed– there are not too many capitals around or huge projects for Feng Shui students to build.  This means only these so-called  “QMDJ-XKDG” teachers make money from selling the course.The students will probably find little or no market for “QMDJ-XKDG” other than selling the course again to others.   It is even worse if the darn thing does not work.

Anyway, the “capital-building chart” looks impressive if not intimidating for the uninitiated.  It is just iterations of some formulas into individual palace.


Commander Nian

Imperial Qing dynasty was no longer exist in China since 1911.  It should be here today if “QMDJ-XKDG” was employed.  And we know from historical texts and Qing Imperial Tombs that Qing emperors were very into Feng Shui and QMDJ.  The Qing military commander Nian Gengyao (年羹尧) was known for using QMDJ in quelling rebellions.

The essence of the question is:  Can QMDJ be scaled up and applied to regional or national level when it was originally designed for small scale or single location application?  

QMDJ itself is a very complicated system with over 50 data points and numerous dimensions.  XKDG is not as complicated as QMDJ, but it is not simple either.  Imagine the astronomical number of combinations generated when someone tries to tie these two system together!

Mixing unrelated systems and methods together is like building a QMDJ Frankenstein.  The more variables one adds to a system, the more complicated it becomes, the narrower for its application (like in this case, capital building and huge projects) and the higher probability of something goes wrong.  Isn’t this too much for an individual Feng Shui practitioner to handle?

Just because a book was written a few hundred years ago does not necessarily make its contents valid.  Consumers need to do their crap-detection and hype-filtering before paying for courses based on these “ancient books” or “rediscovery of ancient techniques“.

My 40 years of experience in Chinese metaphysics tells me if someone hypes about a recent “discovery” of an ancient text, technique or family heirloom manuscript in QMDJ, Feng Shui or any topic, the chance of this being crap is pretty high.  If the newly rediscovered “technique” is so amazing and powerful, it should have been utilized extensively like aspirin or sliced bread.  Why it is forgotten or disappeared into the garbage heaps of history long time ago?

You may find QMDJ-ZWDS, XKDG-ZWDS, QMDJ-XKDG-ZWDS, Mega QMDJ-XKDG-ZWDS-4P-Flying-Star courses…. soon in some marketer websites near you.

Ken Lai 

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