Note:   The following is an excerpt from the chapter “CLASHES, PENALTIES AND COMBINATIONS” of the Reference Manual of “Applied Bazi: Sickness Forecasting & Management” course.Wb17_Travel_001

If a chart has 3-penalties like yin-si-shen, chou-xu-wei or chen-wu-you-hai self-penalties AND has no Tian-de天德 or Yue-de月德 or Tian-yi Nobleman天乙贵人 to neutralize the problem, DM (day-master) will suffer many sicknesses and disasters throughout his life. This problem is more acute if DM is weak with unfavorable luck periods.

Of course, there are a very small number of people become famous or rich when they run into 3-penalties due to good Feng Shui of their residence or ancestral tombs. However, for average citizens, they are likely to encounter sickness, disasters or undesirable affairs.car_accident

Yin-si-shen 3-penalties: Also for charts with yin-shen-si-hai, DM is prone to injury from brawl, falling down, collision, falling object and sharp object.

Chou-wei-xu 3-penalties: Also for charts with chou-wei-xu-chen, DM is prone to dermatological problems, spleen, stomach, intestinal or acute infectious diseases.

Heaven, earth and human penalties: It is very inauspicious if each group of 3 branches all show up below– it could be death (not absolute).

  • Heaven penalties: zi-wu-mao, zi-wu-you, wu-you-mao
  • Earth penalties: chen-xu-chou, chen-xu-wei, chou-xu-wei  
  • Human penalties: yin-si-shen, yin-si-hai, si-shen-hai 


  • Chen-chen: DM is prone to spleen and stomach illness.  fight
  • Wu-wu: DM is amorous, prone to venereal diseases.  
  • You-you: DM is prone to respiratory illness.   
  • Hai-hai: DM is prone to skin problems

Zi-wu-mao-you: injury due to fighting or being beaten up; water and fire disasters.


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