Note:  The following article was written for the “Advanced Destiny/ Luck Management with Bazi” discussion list.

The million dollar question in Bazi or 4P is:  Do favorable elements (“Yong-shen” or “useful god”) and unfavorable elements (“Ji-shen” or “annoying god”) of  4P charts change with luck periods?  In other words:

1.  Are they “permanent” or static regardless of changing luck periods?

2.  Are they “changing” or dynamic according to changing luck periods?

For #1 position, it implies the natal 4P chart determines the favorable/unfavorable elements regardless of changing luck periods. And they are permanent.

For #2 position, it means luck period determines the favorable/ unfavorable elements.  And they change.

There are no clear cut answers.  4P classics are ambiguous or have avoided discussion on this topic.

This topic becomes even more murky when adding the chart profile variable, especially the special profile charts.  Because day-master with special chart will more likely to have good luck if favorable/unfavorable elements change with luck periods.  Yet in reality it is not–  when unfavorable elements come into a special chart, we say the chart profile is “broken” or “po” and major disasters strike.

On the other hand, we have seen people died during their favorable element luck period.  There are cases when favorable/unfavorable elements changed with luck periods.

The answer to this “static vs. dynamic” question is not clear-cut or absolute.  I have proposed a simple solution after reviewing some 4P classics and cases (posted in the DLM discussion list).

Ken Lai

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