1clora_1In the summer of 2008, we had unexpectedly adopted a 3 year old black cat Meow-meow.  I had written a blog about this accidental adoption:


At the end of last January, Meow-meow also had unexpectedly passed.  This blog is a celebration of her life.


“I’m exhausted after a lap dance”


Meow-meow was a kind and gentle creature.  She was a “no-kill” cat.  She would not kill any living thing.  I had seen her interactions with crickets and ants and wrote about it:


I had discovered her Feng Shui talent.  She could figure out which area of the house has the best Feng Shui or energy.  I had certified her as the first cat Feng Shui master in the world– Master Meow-meow:


Meow-meow was also a normal cat.  She eats, naps and poohs.  She woke my spouse up in the morning and me up in the afternoon.

Meow-meow was classy and elegant.  She would poop outside the litter box if the box is not clean enough for her or used by another cat.

We told her not to sit or run on dinner table and kitchen counters.  She obeyed the order, at least in our presence.  Our two other cats do not follow the order at all.

Meow-meow was very friendly and would jump onto the lap of any guest coming into my house.

Besides regular cat food, she likes yogurt and cream cheese.

She also likes to chew on thin electric wires and damaged a few of my gadgets.

From time to time, she would climb up my fish tank for some fish soup by dipping her long tail into the water and then licking her tail.

“Driving with mom”
“Cat yoga”
“Rock-climbing– cat edition”
“My parakeet buddy”
“Let’s be friends”
“Yogurt! Yogurt!  I like yogurt.”


“Peanuts and milk?”
“I’ve almost finished the whole plate.”
“How about some fish soup?”
“Hey kitty, don’t steal my place!”
“Playing hide-and-seek”
“I’m the top cat”
“Handsome brother and pretty me”
“Look into my eyes….”


“Look at my bigger pupils….”  



I had seen Meow-meow taking her last breath and making two loud noises, as if saying “Good-bye” to me.  She then laid down peacefully and motionlessly.  I said to Meow-meow,

“Have a smooth trip to heaven.  I pray for you to go to heaven or reincarnate as a human being. Thank you for the joy that you bought to our family.”

It was still winter with snow here in January.  The ground was frozen.


Meow-meow’s resting place

I had problem digging up some soil to bury Meow-meow.  So I bought 5 bags of potting soil to bury Meow-meow above a slope near my backyard.  I had also buried two parakeets there before.  She would be close to her friends there.

I had buried Meow-meow with some cat-food, her favorite cream cheese and a Tibetan talisman.  This talisman would enable her to have a smooth trip to Pureland or reincarnate as a  human being.

Pets come to our lives for some reasons.  Some people believe that pets sometimes die suddenly to take the “hit” for its owners.  There are stories of Feng Shui fish jumping out of the water tank to tie up its owner from making a fateful trip.

Meow-meow might have fended off a disaster for my family by sacrificing herself.

Master Meow-meow, RIP

Master Meow-meow, 2004- 2016

Ken Lai

Postscript:  I have visited an animal shelter yesterday and seen a 2-year old male black cat waiting for adoption.  He looks like the reincarnation of Meow-meow.

Postscript 4/4/2016:  Today I found Meow-meow’s tomb was disturbed and cracked open, probably by some wild animals.  Her body was moved a few feet away.  The ground is not frozen now, so I can dig a hole into the ground to rebury her.  Her body was hard like a rock.  In 4/4/16 evening I suddenly had smelled the same staunchly scent when Meow-meow passed inside my house.  The scent lasted only 20 seconds.  Maybe this is her way of telling me her presence.  I had prayed for her liberation from animal realm right the way.


“King Bolra” in animal shelter