On last Valentines Day (Feb. 14, 2016), someone in China has posted the pictures of two geese “goodbye kissing” with a poem:

  • Kissing my love goodbye 与君吻离别,
  • Sending you off to the village exit 相送到村口,
  • Sunset stretching our shadows 夕阳长身影,
  • From now on we are separated forever 自此各天涯!



geese_lovershadowThese pictures become viral in the Chinese internet and are re-posted by numerous news agencies in China. Netizens said these are the most touching photos of 2016 Valentines Day.  They lamented that life is similar to the fate of these two geese lovers.  One wrong turn or incident may end a relationship forever.  “We should treasure the nice people around us now and not after we have lost them.”

Reporters have located the owner of these two geese– Miss Deng of Guangdong Province.  Her parents had raised these geese for over a year in their ancestral village.

On the second day of Lunar New Year (Feb. 9, 2016), her father had gifted the female goose to his relative.  Mr. Deng had tied up the goose, put her in a paper box and further wrapped the box with a bag.  He then tied the whole box to the back of his motorcycle.  The male goose was agitated and attempted to untie the strings wrapped around the female goose with his beck.  Miss Deng was very surprised by the male goose’s behavior.  His action was very affectionate too.  He also honked sadly as if begging the master to release the female goose.

The Deng family members also felt sad to send the goose off.  But their relative had rushed them to bring the goose for dinner.  Eventually the female goose was delivered to the relative and become part of the new year dinner.geese_roasted

What has happened to the male goose?  He was slaughtered later too.  Miss Deng said her parents will leave the village to the city to work, leaving no one to take care of the goose.  They took care of business by putting him into their stomachs.

Miss Deng hopes that netizens could understand that the final destiny of family raised geese– becoming food.

Many readers have posted poems to memorialize these two geese lovers.  Some even created follow-up stories with their imagination and Photoshop skills.  Below is one of the popular ones.


While these two lover geese cannot “rest in peace“, but at least they are now meeting in geese heaven.  We thank them for teaching us a lesson about love and living our lives.  Maybe this is the mission of their current lifetime.  We pray for them to move on to a higher realm of being in their next lives.

Ken Lai

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