A龙抬头Don’t worry, I don’t mean robbing a bank with this wealth enhancement method.  It is perfectly legal.

The second day of the second lunar month (March 10 for 2016, Feb. 27 for 2017,  March 18 for 2018) is the birthday of Earth God.  There is an Earth God residing in every household.  According to Daoism,  this day is also known as “Dragon-head raising day 龍抬頭日“.  It is good for enhancing wealth luck.

Here is how to enhance your wealth luck during this day:

1.  Go to a bank or financial institution near your house or business with a bottle or cup.

2.  Collect water from the bank or financial institution (any one of the following sources)



  •      water cooler
  •      water fountain
  •      restroom tap water

3.  Take water back to your home/ business

4.  Put water into a circular-shaped bowl.

5.  Put a Chinese coin or your local metal coin into bowl center.

6.  Place this bowl of water in the “wealth position” (see below) or on the family safe or cash register location.

Wealth position” can be current year’s wealth stars location (1, 6,  or 8 locations/ east, south, southwest for 2016) or the corner diagonal to your main door.

The rationale behind this wealth enhancement is that water stands for wealth in Feng Shui.  Bank collects money from the public and hence its water represents wealth from different sources. Water collected from a bank symbolizes making money from the public.  Put a metal coin in the water will produce more water (i.e., more wealth) because metal nurtures water in Chinese 5-elements theory.

Bonus tip:  Collect water from different banks (not from same company) will further enhance the power of this method.  Donate some money to charity will make this enhancement work continuously.

Ken Lai

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