Note:  The following is an excerpt from “Practical Door Feng Shui for Wealth” video correspondence course.


Door, especially main door, is where people walk in and out, brings in good or bad energies.  Door is like the nose and mouth of a human being— needs nose to breath in fresh air and mouth to eat food to absorb life-sustaining nutrients.round door

Human being is smart, s/he can move his nose to breathe in fresh air and stay away from pungent smells; and goes where clean and good food is available.

However, the main door of a house, a building, an office or factory, is not “smart” or moving by itself area with good energy or qi.  It all depends on the owner’s luck if s/he set the door in a good energy region.

“Auspiciousness and misfortune are attributed to movements”, written in Yi-jing.  Luck, be it good or bad, is due to movement in the right place or wrong place.  To increase your prosperity, you add move movements in areas with good energy (like 8-white earth star during Period 8) and avoid movements in areas with bad energy (like 5-yellow disaster star).

Door is important because it is the linkage between outside and inside energies.  It is also the platform where most movements occur when people walk in or out of the house.  As stated in previous paragraph, movement at any region of the house, depending on the nature of energy in that region (positive vs. negative) will affect the luck of its occupants.

So if main door has good energy, then occupants will enjoy good fortune.  If otherwise, they will suffer misfortune.  We have a popular saying in feng shui, “If the main door of a house worth 1000 pieces of gold, then the house only worth 4 pieces.” door_FS

Here is what Master Chiang Dai Xiong, the famous Xuan Kong master who had written “Water Dragon Classic”, commented about the significance of door:

Main door controls the prosperity and future of a family.”

“Bedroom door controls the lives of a couple.”

“You see effects after modifying a door.”

Door is the skeleton of a house and paths are the tendons. Both should be auspicious to bring prosperity.  If door is auspicious but paths are not, then the consequences are still negative.”

The basic principle of door placement is simple:  put the main door in region with current timely water star (like 8 during Period 8) with Flying Star or put it in a Period 8 (for current period) gua line.

Paths” means the roads leading to doors. Road should bring in “timely” or auspicious qi or energy of current Period, just like the door.

Before we start different theories of door placement, ……………..

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