8ft_RoosterI went to Home Goods department store (USA) here yesterday and saw this giant metal rooster.  It is about 8 feet tall and the price tag is only US$299.  It looks like a Mexican style rooster.  Just shipping cost from Mexico or China to here (mid-west USA) would cost over $299!  This is a great deal except not too many people can stuff an 8-feet tall metal rooster into their homes or yards.

Metal rooster is a popular Feng Shui remedy for:

  •  preventing/ combating mistress or affair
  •  fixing “centipede sha” that causes stomach problems
  •  enhancing wealth luck and making wish come true
  •  fixing certain missing corner in a house
  • fixing shortage of metal in one’s Bazi chart

I do nt want to drive Feng Shui masters out of business here.  So I just tell you how to use metal rooster to fix peach blossom or mistress/ affair problems.  Ask your Feng Shui teacher about how to use other functions of metal rooster.

To prevent or combat mistress or affairs, simply put a brass rooster facing the front door or window (if living in an apartment).  That’s it.

Some parents also use this rooster fix if their teenager children run into peach blossom or love affair prematurely.

People with “rabbit” animal sign should not use this remedy because rabbit and rooster clash each other in the Chinese zodiac system.

For the intellectual curious or nosy people,  the theory behind this remedy is based on the Chinese Bagua.  In Feng Shui, 4-jade green star handles peach-blossom and affairs.  It is located in the Xun trigram (SE) region of the Bagua and is wood in nature.  Anything that can control this 4-jade green star should fix this peach blossom problem.  Dui trigram sits in the west region of the Bagua.  It covers xin, you and geng mountains or sectors and all are metal in nature.  “You” also stands for rooster.  This is the rationale for using rooster to combat peach-blossom or illicit affairs.

I know some people may use more than one rooster for “extra strength” or fixing more than one mistress.  Don’t be greedy— two roosters will fight among themselves!

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

Ken Lai

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