Note:  In 2013, I had written a message about how to help any being to move on to a better afterlife with a Buddhist talisman (“Heaven is within reach……even for your pets!”).  A few days ago I suddenly received an email with “Suicide” heading because of that message.  I was given permission to publish the email with identifying info removed.

Hi Ken,

My sister committed suicide on (date withheld).  She was baptised years ago but had not attended church for a long while.  She had a Christian funeral.

Among all the siblings, I was the last to see her alive when I had dinner at her house 5 days before her passing.  I had been worried as far back as one year ago that she might take her own life.  I had expressed my worry to a few close friends.  I fe66138-manjushri_frontel quite guilty that I did not do more for her.

Perhaps it was my sister’s karma that I found your blog a few years back, printed out the talisman, was able to recollect that it may be helpful to her.  I am very forgetful and have changed handbags a number of times over the past years and in the process keep misplacing and losing stuff.

It was miraculous because her suicide left me devastated and in a state of shock and yet it suddenly occurred to me that I could use this talisman to help her.

When I went to her wake, I showed her the Manushri Bodhisattva Auspicious Diagram and the Liberation Upon Passing-By Mantra that I downloaded from your website because I was concerned about her destination, in view that she had taken her own life, which is generally viewed negatively.

(Ken note:  According to Chinese Buddhism, the souls of people who have committed suicide will relive the pain of their suicidal act once everyday for hundreds of years before moving on to other realm as punishment).

I flashed th_light2e card to her again during the cremation.  Does this work?

On the night of  (date, 12 days after her passing), during a car journey from Suzhou to Shanghai (China), I closed my eyes to rest and I saw a younger version of her surrounded by bright white light.  It did not seem like a dream, more like a vision.

Would appreciate any guidance or advice from you.

Signed:  Name withheld

Ken’s comment:

Your flashing of the Liberation Upon Passing-By Mantra card seems to work.  I know because my late mother was a Christian (also rarely went to church) and had a Christian funeral.  I had a dream about her soon after her natural death in her black burial dress. She looked like in distress.  Then at the 49th days after her death,  I saw her in a bright white dress (I had never seen that style before) and looked much younger than her old age in a place that looked like a transportation hub (like a train station).  She was radiant like what you see in your vision.  I was an atheist at the time of her death and had not used this talisman.

I am surprised this Buddhist item also works on a Christian.  I guess it is your faith (or intention/ heart) that makes the whole thing works.

The Liberation Upon Passing-By Mantra symbol has accumulated the mass consciousness of millions of people over the centuries—  it has immense power to help lost souls to move onto a better afterlife.

A single individual’s intention power may not be big, but by tapping into power of Liberation Upon Passing-By Mantra, s/he can create miracle for the departed– whether this is a human being or a pet.

If you want to help your love ones and living things around you with this talisman,  please click the link below:

Ken Lai


Below is the response from the original email writer:

“With respect to my sister’s passing, I kept crying every day when I thought about what a tough life and sad end she had and how I will not see her again.  But ever since the vision, the sadness has lifted and there are no more crying episodes.
I do hope that the talisman will help many, many others who have the good luck to chance upon your blog.  I take it out now and then to look at it, in the hope that it will also help me in the afterlife.”