2016 Year of Monkey will arrive in about 2 weeks.  The info below is some simple things that you can do with inexpensive plants to enhance the energy of your home and push up your academic, career, wealth and romance luck.
Below are the locations of various Feng Shui stars in 2016 and what to do:
4-jade-wood star stands for academic performance
— Put 4 lucky bamboo plants in the west region of your house  or office to enhance academic performance.


8-white-earth wealth star

— Put a plant with wide-rounded leaves in southwest to enhance wealth luck.

9-purple-fire star stands for celebration and romance
—   Put flowers with bright color in the east to enhance romance luck.  Make sure replacing the withered flowers or you may attract negative romance.  Remove the thorns if you put roses here.


1-white-water represents career and fame
— Put a plant with wide-rounded leaves in southeast to enhance career and fame luck.

Make sure you water the plants.  Replace or remove the plant if it withers or dies.

Activation ceremony
While this is not compulsory, it will increase your chance of getting positive results from this Feng Shui enhancement.  Simply make a small donation to your local charity or food-shelves to activate the “flow of energies”.  You need to “give” something (small donation) to “get” something (luck) in exchange.

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