Note:  The following is an excerpt from the chapter “Choosing the sitting and facing of a house” from “Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” video correspondence course. 

There are numerous ways to choose an “ideal” sitting and facing for a house utilizing different Feng Shui methods.  However, in this course we will limit the choices with some relatively easy to use methods


Animal sign refers to the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs based on one’s birth year.  People born before Feb. 4th are considered being born in previous year.  If you do not know your Chinese animal sign, you may check the following link:

12_animalsAbove diagram also shows the elemental nature of each animal and its corresponding “clashing” animal.  For example, the elemental nature of mouse is water and horse is fire.  Water and fire clash— so people with mouse animal sign should not choose a house with South sitting (wu or horse direction) and North facing (zi or rat direction).    






MOUSE (ZI) N2 352.5- 7.5 HORSE (Wu) S2 172.5- 187.5
OX (CHOU) NE1 22.5- 37.5 RAM (Wei) SW1 202.5- 217.5
TIGER (YIN) NE3 52.5- 67.5 MONKEY (Shen) SW3 232.5- 247.5
RABBIT (MAO) E2 82.5- 97.5 ROOSTER (You) W2 262.5- 277.5
DRAGON (CHEN) SE1 112.5- 127.5 DOG (Xu) NW1 292.5- 307.5
SNAKE (SI) SE3 142.5- 157.5 PIG (Hai) NW3 322.5- 337.5
HORSE (WU) S2 172.5- 187.5 MOUSE (Zi) N2 352.5- 7.5
RAM (WEI) SW1 202.5- 217.5 OX (Chou) NE1 22.5- 37.5
MONKEY (SHEN) SW3 232.5- 247.5 TIGER (Yin) NE3 52.5- 67.5
ROOSTER (YOU) W2 262.5- 277.5 RABBIT (Mao) E2 82.5- 97.5
DOG (XU) NW1 292.5- 307.5 DRAGON (Chen) SE1 112.5- 127.5
PIG (HAI) NW3 322.5- 337.5 SNAKE (Si) SE3 142.5- 157.5


Above sitting and facing is called “personal ming clashing the sitting mountain”.  This can be interpreted as your inborn Feng Shui “magnetic imprint” clashing to that of the sitting of a house. You should avoid choosing a sitting/facing that is identical to your own animal sign.  If you do, you are likely to have limited advancement in life or simply working hard and achieving little. 

There are more in-depth and detailed info on how to choose the best sitting/ facing in this chapter. For more info, please click the following link:


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