Choosing a good date to move your your home, office or business can enhance the good Feng Shui of your new location or mitigate bad Feng Shui effects. The following dates are auspicious days for moving in 2016.  The “clashing (animal)” in the list means that day is not suitable for people with that Chinese zodiac animal sign. 

1/3 Sunday, clashing tiger
1/6 Wednesday, clashing snake
1/12 Tuesday, clashing pig
1/13 Wednesday, clashing rat
1/15 Friday, clashing tiger
1/21 Thursday, clashing monkey
1/24 Sunday, clashing pig 

2/2 Tuesday, clashing monkey
2/6 Saturday, clashing rat
2/19 Friday, clashing ox
2/21 Sunday, clashing rabbit
2/23 Tuesday, clashing snake
2/27 Saturday, clashing rooster 

3/1 Tuesday, clashing rat
3/4 Friday, clashing rabbit
3/6 Sunday, clashing snake
3/8 Tuesday, clashing ram
3/14 Monday, clashing ox
3/15 Tuesday, clashing tiger
3/20 Sunday, clashing ram
3/26 Saturday, clashing ox
3/27 Sunday, clashing tiger 

4/1 Friday, clashing ram
4/17 Sunday, clashing pig
4/26 Tuesday, clashing monkey 

5/6 Friday, clashing horse
5/8 Sunday, clashing monkey
5/12 Thursday, clashing rat
5/16 Monday, clashing dragon
5/18 Wednesday, clashing horse
5/22 Sunday, clashing dog
5/24 Tuesday, clashing rat
5/27 Friday, clashing rabbit 

6/7 Tuesday, clashing tiger
6/9 Thursday, clashing dragon
6/15 Wednesday, clashing dog
6/18 Saturday, clashing ox
6/21 Tuesday, clashing dragon
6/22 Wednesday, clashing snake
6/27 Monday, clashing dog
6/28 Tuesday, clashing pig
6/30 Thursday, clashing ox 

7/1 Friday, clashing tiger
7/8 Friday, clashing rooster
7/19 Tuesday, clashing monkey
7/21 Thursday, clashing dog
7/28 Thursday, clashing snake
7/31 Sunday, clashing monkey 

8/1 Monday, clashing rooster
8/6 Saturday, clashing tiger
8/8 Monday, clashing dragon
8/10 Wednesday, clashing horse
8/13 Saturday, clashing rooster
8/18 Thursday, clashing tiger
8/22 Monday, clashing horse
8/25 Thursday, clashing rooster
8/26 Friday, clashing dog 

9/3 Saturday, clashing horse
9/6 Tuesday, clashing rooster
9/7 Wednesday, clashing dog
9/14 Wednesday, clashing snake
9/19 Monday, clashing dog
9/20 Tuesday, clashing pig
9/23 Friday, clashing tiger
9/25 Sunday, clashing dragon
9/28 Wednesday, clashing ram 

10/1 Saturday, clashing dog
10/2 Sunday, clashing pig
10/5 Wednesday, clashing tiger
10/7 Friday, clashing dragon
10/15 Saturday, clashing rat
10/20 Thursday, clashing snake
10/24 Monday, clashing rooster
10/27 Thursday, clashing rabbit
10/29 Saturday, clashing tiger 

11/1 Tuesday, clashing snake
11/8 Tuesday, clashing rat
11/14 Monday, clashing horse
11/16 Wednesday, clashing monkey
11/18 Friday, clashing dog
11/26 Saturday, clashing horse
11/28 Monday, clashing monkey
11/29 Tuesday, clashing rooster 

12/9 Friday, clashing ram
12/16 Friday, clashing tiger
12/19 Monday, clashing snake
12/21 Wednesday, clashing ram
12/24 Saturday, clashing dog
12/25 Sunday, clashing pig
12/28 Wednesday, clashing tiger
12/31 Saturday, clashing snake

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