Note:  Below is a message that I wrote for the “Destiny & Luck Management with Bazi Therapy”  discussion list in Jan. 13, 2016.
David Robert Jones (8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016)— aka David Bowie
Bazi Chart:
Year:    bing-xu
Month: xin-chou
Day:     ding-hai
Hour:   not known
2005- 2014    ding-wei
2015- 2024    wu-shen
Annual Luck (Jan. 10 is still within yi-wei year):  yi-wei
Bazi Chart of the date died:
Year:  yi-wei
Month: ji-chou
Day: xin-mao
Liver is wood element.  Yi-wood represents liver in Bazi. There is no yi-wood in Bowie’s chart.  He had a hidden jia-wood in his day-branch hai-water.  Jia-wood stands for gallbladder.  He probably had partied and drank a lot– hurt his liver.
In Bazi, whatever element not showing up in a chart is the likely source of sickness.
Interestingly, he had a 10 years of xu-chou-wei 3-penalties from 2005 to 2014.  His battle with liver cancer lasted 18 months.  So it started at end of his 10-year-luck (yi-wei) 3-penalities years and also died at end of yi-wei year (which also forms xu-chou-wei 3-penalties).  Wei also clashes the month branch (the “dam” of a Bazi chart).
Clashing a 3-penalties is serious business– could be death.  Clashing a month branch could also be death, especially for an older day-master.
Bowie’s chart has no yi-wood (liver) and died when this liver shows up.  His xin-metal apparently also clashed yi-wood even it is supposedly combining with bing-fire.  He had died in a xin-mao day and ji-chou month.
Destiny and Luck Management students,  what could you have suggested if Bowie had asked you for a cure for his chart 18 months ago?
RIP Bowie
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