This minimalist Feng Shui guide is for the ultra lazy (and/ or busy or cheap) people.  The goal is not to maximize good Feng Shui but to avoid bad Feng Shui when buying a house.  If you can avoid the following 3 Feng Shui problems, your new home Feng Shui should be at least “livable” with no major problem.
1.  Do NOT buy a house with main door facing a T-junction or reversed bow-shaped road. A house sits at the intersection of a T-junction– this dash of energy or “sha-qi” will disrupt the energy field of the house negatively.  It may cause accidental death or severe sickness like cancer for the residents.  It also causes dwindling luck, shrinking family size and legal problems.

2.  Do NOT buy a house with northwest corner missing.  Northwest sector represents the oldest male or bread-winner of the house.  Missing NW corner will affect his luck and well-being.  He could die prematurely and does not like staying at home.  Single woman will have problem keeping a man in this house.


3.  Do NOT buy a house with toilet in center of house.  House center is like the heart of a house– put a toilet there is like polluting its heart.  It will affect the health of the residents, like acute sickness leading to death.
Likewise, a toilet in the NW section is also bad for the oldest male resident of the house.  Woman of this house will have relationship problem or cannot keep a man.  She “flushes” away her relationship whenever using the toilet.

These 3 big Feng Shui “no-no” are proven again and again.  Don’t laugh it off.

Ken,  my house already have some of these problems.  Are there any remedies?” 

Hire a competent Feng Shui practitioner or take my “Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” course. 

Ken Lai

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