The blog title sounds like a Japanese monster movie.  It is actually about my adventures in a dental office.

I had a dental crown done a few months ago.  It was a two visits operation.  First visit to drill away parts of the worn out tooth, make some plastic molds to create a temporary crown and cap it on top of the tooth.  The process could be painful even with anesthesia.  The second visit is to replace the temporary crown with the final one, is not painful and done without anesthesia.

Yesterday I had another dental crown operation.  As usual, the dentist had given me an anesthesia shot and drilled my worn out tooth.  I still felt the pain, especially when the drill hitting some tooth nerves.  Suddenly a purple light flashed in my mind and I had recited a 4-lines gatha of the Diamond Sutra in Chinese in my mind.  In English, it will be:

“All conditioned phenomena
Are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow,
Like dew or a flash of lightning;
Thus we shall perceive them.”

My pain had disappeared while the dentist was still drilling happily.

Diamond Sutra is about non-abiding and non-attachment and that everything in life is an illusion.  I interpret that pain is also an illusion and thus should not be painful.

Ken, this cannot prove the Sutra had worked its magic.  You had an anesthesia shot.

Well, I agree totally.  So I had done an experiment…

It was over an hour after a few plastic molds were done and the effect of anesthesia was 95%+ gone.  It came to the final installation of the temporary crown which requires some more drilling to fit.  The dentist had asked me if I want another anesthesia shot.

No.”  I manned up and replied.

I had regretted it within 30 seconds.

The dentist had drilled like there is no tomorrow.  It was so painful that I had almost levitated over the dental operation chair.  I knew the anesthesia had left me alone.

The moment of truth came— I kept reciting the above 4-lines gatha of Diamond Sutra in my mind.  The pain was almost gone even the dentist was still drilling.  I still felt a little pain but it did not bother me physically.

You may try this trick next time when you run into painful or dangerous situation.

Ken Lai

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