Surprisingly, in China, the most dangerous place for homeless dogs are post-secondary schools or universities.  Students are usually friendly to homeless dogs straying into the campus.  It is the university security that is hazardous to dog lives.  News of homeless dogs clubbed to death in university campuses show up in the internet are seen frequently.  But nothing is more horrific than the following one.

In the afternoon of last Sept. 22, the security people of China’s Lan-zhou Finance University(蘭州財經大學) had buried alive a batch of 8 puppies on campus lawn.  Students there heard the loud barking of mother dog and saw a few security people patching up the lawn with new grass.  There are incidents of dogs being buried before.  They connected the dots and figured out what was going on.  A few witnesses told them some puppies were buried alive.

Ignoring the yelling of security people, 10+ students dug up the newly covered hole with their bare hands, spades and wooden planks.  They had managed to save 7 puppies.  One was missing and maybe buried too deep into the ground.

The students put the mother dog and puppies in a hidden place.

Pictures of this rescue were posted on China’s microblog and gone viral.  Many news agencies have published this horrific action.   Below are some responses in Chinese.C4

此事經報道後,引起了一眾網民關注及議論,有人同情流浪狗的命運,直斥活埋狗狗的保安:「太過分了,可以趕走啊,再暴力點你可以打出去,XX,直接活埋,這種人簡直可以去死一死了,XX,狗也是命啊,不知道怎麼吐槽了!」「流浪狗也是狗,也是命,這樣太殘忍了吧!」也有不少人擔憂安全問題:「咬了 這幾個學生負責?」「是可憐,可是安全隱患要怎麼破」還有對這群救狗同學的做法表示質疑:「挖出來又不養,這算是作孽還是啥?」

 “This is too much!  You can drive the dogs away or even kick them away…… Bury alive?  These people should be dead!…. Dog is also a life too…..”    “Homeless dogs are also dogs… are also lives.  This is too cruel!”.
But some people worry about security, “Who will be responsible if students are bitten?”  “This is a pity, but how to solve the security problem?”  Some even question the humane action of the students, “You dug the puppies out but not raise them.  Is this creating bad karma too?

According to the Chinese version of “Book of Death“, when people died, their souls need to go through a serious of obstacles before reaching the underworld court for judgement.  One of these obstacles is the “Hunger Dog Ridge.”   This ridge is stationed with many vicious and hungry dogs. They will bite off passing souls’ body parts, especially those who had mistreated and eaten dogs during their lifetime.  Those who love dogs will go through unscratched.

Let’s thank the students for saving these puppies.

Ken Lai

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