A few days ago a Taiwanese group “Golden Retriever Union” has shared 3 photos in their Facebook page.  These photos show a slim woman carries a 40+ kg golden retriever on her back to walk the dog.  The dog is too old to walk up and downstairs of her home.  Many netizens are touched and cried.

Niu-niu, which means “little girl” in Chinese, is a 13 years old golden retriever.  She is a 93 years old woman in human terms.  She has problems in her back legs.

Miss Tian, the owner was interviewed by a TV station, “Niu-niu is like a family member.”  Said Tian.  ” She is getting old and cannot walk.  Let me carry her on my back then 年紀大了,走不動就讓我來揹.

Miss Tian carries the dog from her home to open areas.  So that Niu-niu can have some exercises even though she lays down pretty quick after a few ball catching– her favorite game.

As to Niu-niu‘s future, “I have not really thought about how to handle her future.  We will talk about it when the day comes.  I will continue to carry her everyday.  This may be called a sweet burden.”其實也沒有想過以後要怎麼辦,走到那一天再說吧!每天繼續揹着牠,就叫做甜蜜的負擔吧!

Miss Tian herself weighs no more than 60kg.  The 40kg dog weight almost crooked her back.

Within days, most Chinese news agencies have carried this “old dog and woman” news.  Below is the link to see Niu-niu doing exercise:

Our animal shelters will be less full if more people are as kind as Miss Tian.

You can also cultivate good Feng Shui and karma by being kind to animals.

Ken Lai

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