Below is a message written for “4P Bootcamp” discussion list.

Jiao Tuo (交脱) is a special term in 4-pillars referring to the “entering” (Jiao) or “exiting” (Tuo) of a 10-years-luck (10YL) period.

When Jiao Tuo occurs in a 4P chart, the chart owner or “day-master” usually is exhausting or prone to sickness or eventful.

accidentIn general, Jiao (entering a new 10YL or the first year of a new 10YL) is worse for male. Tuo (exiting a 10YL or the last year of a 10YL) is worse for female.  To memorize this rule–  “lady last” or gentleman suffers first here.

If the Jiao enters an unfavorable 10YL and unfavorable annual luck at the same time, bad thing can happen early in the year or in the month with the same unfavorable month element. So be vigilant when you have an upcoming 10YL switching.

Ken Lai

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