In 2002, my 13 years old son wanted a pet.  We went to a pet shop and bought a blue parakeet.  My son named it “Percy“.

Then we found Percy was not happy and lonely.  So we bought him a partner, a green parakeet.

Within a few months, my son had lost interest in the parakeets.  We got stuck with the feeding and caring of these birds.

Percy had a strong personality.  He would make sure you know how he felt.  He could make annoying noises that sound like 10+ birds are chirping when he was not happy.

He knew how to “bang” the bird cage door when he wanted us to refill the feeder.

After 2 years, his green partner had died.  We bought him another partner, a white parakeet.

In 2007, we have adopted a big black cat Meow-Meow.  Meow-Meow spares no time to explore the bird cage.

Meow-Meow weighed 15 pounds and Percy was about 3 oz.. This is like a T-rex dinosaur sitting a few inches from a human, separated by a cage only inches away.  But Percy did not panic at all.

It looked like the cartoon “Tweety Bird”.

Cat and birds co-existed peacefully with occasionally “admiration” by the cat sitting a few inches from the cage when the cat is bored.

In the summer of 2012,  Percy’s white parakeet partner had died.  I was hesitated to get him another partner this time because life expectancy of parakeet is about 10 years.  Percy was a pretty “old bird” by definition.  He had outlived two partners already.  If I get him a new partner and he suddenly hit the bucket, I will get stuck taking care of another bird for 10+ years.  I am not young man either.

Daoist “100+ ClemencyTalismans”       

To alleviate Percy’s loneliness, I moved his cage frequently to the balcony or near a window, so that he could see and hear other birds outside.  He also chirped with other birds outside from time to time.

Then in an early May morning, I found Percy lay down motionless on the cage floor.  I had almost bought a new parakeet two days ago but hesitated.

We were both sad and happy for Percy.  Percy can now move on to another realm or at least meet his late partners.

To ensure that Percy will reborn in a high realm of existence, I had cleansed his body with holy water.  I had rubbed his body with a Daoist “100+ Clemency” talismans to get all the “pardons” he needs to pass through the underworld.  Finally I had buried him with a Tibetan talisman that will enable him to reincarnate as a higher being than a bird.

I have buried him next to his late partner.  A few weeks later, a plant with blue and white flowers, the colors of Percy’s feathers,  grows from his grave.

RIP Percy the Blue Parakeet
2002- 2015

P.S.  If you want your deceased pet or love one avoid reincarnation into the animal realm, email me to get the red talisman shown in this picture.

The flower plant grows from Percy’s grave

Ken Lai

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