NoteThis is a “green” (recycle) article from 2012.  

Current year’s Dragon Boat Festival falls on this coming Saturday  (June 20, 2015, ren-wu month).

Chinese collect “dragon-boat water” for cleansing because the day is the “yangest” day in the year.  It is called dragon-boat water because Chinese run dragon-boat races on water during this festival.

Negative energy is considered as “yin“.  The cure for it is to apply yang energy.  Dragon-boat water is collected during the yangest day and hour of the year and so it has a high level of yang energy.

To get your FREE dragon-boat water, simply turn on your water tap between 11:00- 13:00 on this coming Saturday and collect the water.  You may also simply take a shower or jump into a lake or swimming pool during that hour for a “spiritual cleansing“.

Dragon-boat water is good for cleansing like:

— spray it on your body after visiting hospital, funeral home, cemetery, etc.
— your home has many sickness lately
— your feel depressed (take shower with it or spray on your body)
— drink it (if you have chronic sickness,
(boil it first!)but don’t drink too much)
— cleansing unknown objects like the antique you bought from Goodwill
— cleansing your home/ office or simply cleaning your home with it.

I had a few gallons of dragon-boat water collected a few years ago and
was left near a window with sun shining everyday.  The water does not
turn green and stays crystal clear.

We probably will see some people selling dragon-boat water on eBay soon.
Ken Lai

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