He-chi Daily of Guang-Xi Province in China has published a photo essay about a 70+ years old couple in mid April, 2015.  The essay become viral and was carried by numerous Chinese print and digital media around the world.

Wei is the 76 years old wife.  Huang is the 80 years old husband.  They have been married 55 years ago.

On the day of their wedding, Huang had promised to take care of Wei for life.


“I will depend on you forever.”  Replied Wei.


The couple live on a small plot of land and raise some chicken and ducks.  They have been living in poverty through out their lives.  The longest trip that they made is to the nearby county fair which is within walking distance.

They have no children.

In 1985, Huang had eye problems and gradually lost his eyesight.  Wei becomes his eyes and takes him around town using a bamboo stick.  She tells him what she sees on the roads and updates him on the gossips in their village.

The couple walking hand-in-hand with a bamboo stick

It is 30 years since Huang had gone blind.  Aging also catches up with Wei.  She has osteoporosis and walks with a stooped posture that limits her field of view.  But this disability does not stop her from being the “walking stick” of her husband.  The touching sight of this affectionate couple walking together with a bamboo stick becomes a famous scene of the town.

A thought-provoking view for everyone within their path

Wei is an illiterate and let Huang make financial calculations and decisions on the buying and selling of their daily necessities and produces.

The couple discuss what to buy.
Wei took out money to buy cigarettes for Huang
They walk together across the bridge
…. walking together on beaten path
… and up the hills
walking downstairs
“I’m his eyes.  He is all of me!”

For the past 55 years, Wei listens to and abides by her husband.  She does not give up nor abandon him.  “I am his eyes.  He is all of me!”  Said Wei.


Neither poverty nor physical disabilities could break their promises to each other.

Love can be as simple as staying together.  

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