Note:  The following is an excerpt from the manual of “Practical Date-Selection Methods” video course.  The passage is written by co-author Master Lee.


It is the process of selecting of a date and time that provide beneficial energy to our intended activities.

There are many schools for date-selection. It is likely that the more you learn about date-selection, the more bad days you will run into.

In truth, the date that affects you without your doing anything is based on the four pillars chart of the date. This is the dominant time energy that affects us all, based on our birth particulars. Most other methods require the human qi to activate them.

Date-selection can be related to Feng Shui. Feng Shui without the human qi is purely earth luck. It is about the natural accumulation of qi. Without the human component, this qi has no purpose, and therefore it is neither “good” nor “bad” until people move in.

In date-selection, we tap into the time energy that is naturally there. Some time energy rises and falls, affecting people in different ways based on their 4-Pillars and physical conditions. With other time, it may require a clear intention (whether it is taking a specific action, or just doing mental programming) to activate.

Xuan Kong Da Gua (XKDG) date-selection is strongly related to the I-Ching and the 64 hexagrams. By tapping into the energy of 64 hexagrams, we can modulate and modify the energies coming through. This can happen automatically, but the effect may be weak without the human qi (intention, mind and action) component.

Time energy is also related to space. At certain times, certain locations and directions become auspicious. We can tap into these auspicious locations and directions as well, using human qi.DS_cvr

An auspicious date-selection can enhance a Feng Shui job or at least reduce or delay the negative effects of a lousy Feng Shui placement.

Another function of date-selection is to “reboot” a failing activity (like a business) by “restarting” the activity in an auspicious date and time.

By and large, it is best if the four pillars (of the date and user), XKDG and direction-location energies coincide. However, if it is not possible, then at least two can make it usable.

Date-selection is one of the many vehicles you can use in your evolution to a higher level of Chinese metaphysics. It opens up the energy at a fundamental level and offers you opportunities for turning your life around.

Ken Lai

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