Note:  The following is an excerpt from the manual of “Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” on the effects of “T-junction” or road clash (a.k.a. road-chong) on the residents of a house.

Road clash is a strong rush of air current hitting a house. It disrupts the magnetic field of the house being rushed and in turn affecting the residents inside.
Clash from the front of house:
l         Injuries and automobiles accidents  (hitting from the front)
l         Lawsuits (road clash is a sha energy, stands for lawsuits)
l         Murder and deaths (esp. if the road clash is from the east)
l         Serious sickness, surgeries or strokes
Clash from the back of house:
l         Injuries and automobiles accidents (hitting from the back or occurs during evening)
l         Backstabbing by mean people; being accused or implicated
l         Bad debts from relatives and close friends
l         Lawsuits
Clash from the side of house:
n          Effects are similar to clash from the back
  • (please see “Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” course manual)
Note: use bagua mirror only when you have no other alternative.  It is more a psychological remedy than real fix.
RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ROAD CLASH AND DIRECTION  (Direction is relative to the house)
l         Road clash from NW, W, NE and S—will bring wealth, but still unsafe (may hurt residents).  It is more appropriate for
business storefront than residence.
l         Road clash from N, SW —  likely to have lawsuits
l         Road clash from SE— peach blossom and suicides are more likely
l         Road clash from East— car accidents and deaths are more likely
AUSPICIOUS ROAD CLASH DIRECTION (direction is relative to the house)
Not all road clashes are negative, the ones that clashes the “timely star” are good for doing business are: (based on current Period 8)
–NW, W, NE and S, especially NE and South
Note:  the house being clashed must have back support, green dragon and white tiger to handle the clash.
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