In my previous blog,  I wrote about green tombs in China.  This edition shows how some barren mountains in China become green.

At first, I think all these “greening” of stuff is a recent Chinese invention.  Upon further research,  it is a quite “old” practice.  The following photos pretty much “tell” the story itself.

In May, 2004, in Dìngxī city of Gansu Province, a barren hill was painted green for a local celebration.
In June, 2004, Shenzhen city government (Guangdong province) had spent RMB$1 million (US$160k) to make a mountain “green“. 


In February, 2007,  in a county of Yunnan province, the broken part of a mountain due to mining was painted green.  
In October, 2008, a town in Guangdong province had spent over RMB$100k+ to buy green nets to cover up barren hills, arid land and illegal structures, to cheat on satellite inspection of “re-green”  (afforestation) effort. 
In July of 2010,  in a county of Yunnan Province,  tombs along a hill were either painted green or covered up with a green or black camouflage net.  Reporter found out this was due to a afforestation campaign. 
From fake eggs to fake Rolex, it is no surprise that we can find fake green mountains in China. Faking a green mountain is much quicker than planting trees and waiting for the mountain to turn green naturally.  Local government officials can claim credit much quicker and earn political capital for further advancement.

Everyone knows the new green clothe is fake except the “emperor“,  At the minimal, this reversal of “emperor’s new clothe” practice has been going on since 2004.

What is the connection between fake green mountains and Chinese metaphysics?  

In the last 20 years, we have seen many “new“, “long lost” or “family heirloom”  metaphysics theories and manuscripts from China.  They cover topics like Bazi, Yi-jing, Feng Shui, QMDJ and the likes.  How real or authentic are these “new” export from China?                                    

The answer to this question is not optimistic if you see Chinese citizens swarm Hong Kong and Japan to buy basic necessities like baby formula and even rice.  They do not trust China products sold in China largely due to safety concerns and counterfeit problems.

People argue about the business ethics or the lack of business ethics in China is a major cause of China’s counterfeit problem. But this is beyond the scope of this blog.

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