A few evenings ago, Jerry Wang of Taiwan had filmed and posted a 24 seconds video of a cat waiting for her “mom”— an old lady with signs of osteoarthritis, who picks recyclables like bottles and paper on the streets.  This video generates over 100K views within 48 hours.  Here is the video link:

In the video, a cat with black and white hair was meowing eagerly while waiting for someone at a cross-junction with traffic.  The cat’s tail was waving at “full mast“, signaling her happiness of seeing “mom” approaching her in a few seconds.

420_65cd05c3e965c4d98d580fd018c25047The cat’s owner, an old lady, was staggering across the junction while pushing a cart with recyclables.

“This feline had been there for a long time, waiting for someone.” Wrote Jerry.

“Their interactions– had stopped the activities of all the people in the junction, gazed at the old woman and her cat.”

When the cart was moving near the cat, the cat had turned around and walking elegantly with her “mom” into the alley.

A reader wrote:

阿嬤與貓   (Old woman and cat)
She is meowing on other side of the street.


Welcoming back her old mom


Love is a direct manifestation without elaboration   


It transcends language and species


It is same for human and animals


The two are identical; experiencing the same feeling and love regardless of body forms


Treating them well and you will experience this simple but fullest love

This short video could have elicited heated arguments on social injustice and poverty.  Instead, people see beyond the negative and appreciate the bonding and simple love between two species.

Go adopt a homeless cat in your local animal shelter.

Ken Lai

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